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tiny designs
major values

our designs are committed to education and culture, believe in cooperation among professionals from different backgrounds and trust simplicity to encourage imagination. for that reason we start at very simple concepts to develop our objects, we involve illustrators, craftsmen, musicians and designers, that will provide value to our products and workshops to encourage culture among the little ones through creative techniques and processes will be held.

our products are commited to sustainability and enviroment, committed to responsible consumption and to the defence of labour and human rights. for that reason our products are entirely developed in galicia, we make sure our woods come from sustainable forestry plantations and for that reason a part of our benefits goes to those who lack the most basic things.

our products are commited. just as our children will be.

inspiring objects
nourishing objects

in Cucuducho, we believe that children are magic and extraordinary beings that can change the world (though sometimes they can’t just produce the words correctly). teach them, stimulate them and trust them will be fundamental to help them grow into adults that share their life with the children they once were. and in cucuducho, we try to make our contribution to make this happen.

for that reason we create children-oriented products that will inspire adults (fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, godmothers, godfathers, uncles, aunts, teachers and dogs)

a cucurucho (cone) always gives something. a smile, a flavour, an emotion…there’s always in a cucurucho an explosion of gifts to make your day.
a cucurucho is something simple
a cucurucho is the hat inviting you to the party. a cucurucho is the torch that leads your way. in adventure. the spyglass that warns you of a danger. The nose transforming you into an extraordinary being. and the hut, the basket, the gun, the trumpet…

after all, a cucurucho is nothing but a simple cucuducho.