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pedro pascual

singer, teacher, composer and producer. linked to projects such as “laio”, “marful”, “talabarte”, “nuke trio”, “ao pé da letra” or “descarga ao vivo”. he has played and recorded with traditional music soloists such as leilía, uxía senlle, budiño, jacky molard, mercedes peón, värtina, tony mcmanus, kepa junkera, donald shaw, jorge drexler, najla shami…and performed in places like france, germany, canada, serbia or cuba. From the year 2000 he has been teaching and spreading diatonic accordion, taking part in different educational projects. “from these potent, delicate, useful and decorative objects, i choose the timeless and contemporary character. a simple and honest concept, that provides those coming near the imaginative capacity that an excess of elements wouldn’t. like in music “less is more”. cucuducho’s music is oniric, atmospheric, warm, soft, schematic and minimalist. it engages us in a sound imaginative universe, not lived, maybe even not remembered, offering moments where we feel the watch can stop at our will”.

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