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idoia cuesta

idoia cuesta arrived in galicia from the basque country to get a doctorate in biology. it was then when she discovered the galician handicraft and design centre and her life changed. she starts in 1998 her artisanal activiy, linked to basketmaking and textiles and since then she has continued to learn different local specialities and even irish, finish and danish basketmaking tecniques. currently, she combines her job as a teacher with different collaborations in all type of projects, among which we can highlight her recent collaboration with “loewe”. has been awarded the national prize of craft product category (2014).

“my job is based in the fusion between basketmaking and textiles and the versatility of the result, through the combination of organic materials with different handicraft tecniques. through all these decades I have learnt and worked with professionals from different origins, cultures, experiences and knowledges, that have opened my mind and have given me new visions about contemporary art, design, architecture, fashion and handicraft. all of this enables me to create spirited, sensoried pieces that provide scope to senses, that awaken a will to touch, smell, bite…even embrace”.

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