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lois guillán

after graduating in inef at the university of a coruña, he started to take up courses on his real vocation, design. thus, after graduating in interior design in easd of santiago de compostela, he became a co-founder of the design studio “piedrapapeltijera”. during the eight years he was director of the studio, he combined all types of projects, with a new graduation on product design by the easd of santiago de compostela. currently he directs the project “cucuducho”.

“what is interesting about design, is that it can be an ideal channel of communication for almost any concept. so, we can transmit tradition or avant-garde through materials; closeness or coldness through finishings; nostalgia or indifference with shapes…currently I intend to vinculate my designs to culture, to tradition, to education and art, so they can amplify these aspects in every child”

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