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alberto guitián

he graduated in fine arts in pontevedra, where he started to publish comic books and graphic humour in magazines and fanzines. In barcelona, he starts working as a freelance illustrator: publicity, editorial, posters…and at the same time, he collaborates in magazines like mister k, retranca or “el jueves”. he is the author of “petaco”, “fito & pita” and “circo lorza” albums. he has also taken part in different animation films, being prominent among them his collaboration as a background and props developer for “chico & rita”, film nominated to the oscar for the best animated film in 2012.

“what I best like about product design is that it gives you the chance to bring to life concepts or ideas in tangible objects. I am also interested about the negotiations between function, aesthetic and fun. the ingredient i add in this negotiation (wether conscious or unconscious) is humour. The retranca (typical galician wit) or the “riquiñez” (galician word for cuteness) can give value to any design, make it more communicative and add more readings”.

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